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So you’re pregnant…Congratulations!

Whether you are a an experienced Mom or a first time Mom-to-be , each pregnancy is unique. Complete Women’s Care is honored to begin this journey with you and share your important event.

Our healthcare team looks forward to working with you and your family and helping you achieve a healthy pregnancy. Our team consists of of OBGYNs, Certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners, Ultrasonographers, and our caring staff to aid in coordinating a comprehensive approach to your care.

It all begins with that first home pregnancy test. Your due date is calculated using the first day of your last period. Take the first day of your last period and add 7 days, then subtract 3 months and this is your due date.

Call us with your due date and we will schedule your first ultrasound & New OB visit.

 Prenatal care consists of:

  • Visits every 4 weeks until 28wks
  • Usually a dating ultrasound and then an anatomy US at 20wks
  • Visits very 2 weeks from 28-36wks
  • Visits every week until delivery (some of these may be modified based on evaluation of your specific pregnancy)

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